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Providing a Path to Lifelong Success

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Providing a Path to Lifelong Success

We help provide a pathway to lifelong success by training homeless individuals living in rescue missions to complete half marathons. Hard work, discipline, and teamwork in a Gospel-driven context gets them to the finish line of the race, but also to the starting line of a new life filled with confidence, dignity, and hope. Every year, 100+ runners complete half-marathons, and gain the confidence needed to overcome addictions, reconcile relationships, and walk into life forever changed!



Running a half-marathon is something most would never think is possible and the completion of a half-marathon looks different for each runner. But one thing is for sure, the accomplishment of an originally unattainable goal, trained for in a gospel-driven environment, opens up a path to lifelong success. See stories of lives transformed!


Provide a path to lifelong success!

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