Ashlee’s Amazing Success

As we start off this training season, it is amazing to look back on the successes of the past training seasons.

Ashlee is one of our amazing success stories. She has lost over 110 lbs due to the Up and Running Again program. Ashlee has also run over 3 half marathons and is training to run her fourth.

I remember Ashlee during her first training runs at the OC Rescue Mission. As one of the coaches, I really wanted to see her complete this race. I knew the confidence she could attain by accomplishing this goal would spill over into other areas of her life. Ashlee ran each day with her son Bryson in a stroller. In order to make things easier for her, I would often push Bryson so that Ashlee could run unencumbered. These first few weeks were not easy. We were running very slow and I was not sure she would make it.

Needless to say she kept at it. She came out each day and missed very few training runs and on May 5th, 2013 she completed the half marathon. To quote her words, she was the biggest one, she was the slowest one and yet she crossed the finish line.

We are so proud of Ashlee and what she has accomplished. She has now graduated out of the program at the OC Rescue Mission. Ashlee works for a doctors office and has her own apartment with her son.

We look forward to telling many more stories like this one in October!

To see Ashlee’s interview after the first race, click the link.

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