Confidence to succeed





IMG_7522A few days ago, I ran with a few runners who had a negative outlook on their training. They were not happy with how they felt (tired!), what place they finished and the new training route we took. It was definitely a glass half empty outlook on things.

As coaches for a half marathon, this is something that we often encounter. If these individuals are going to complete a half marathon, they need to change not only their physical bodies but their mental outlook as well.

One of the biggest benefits the half marathon training can provide is giving an individual a positive outlook on things. They gain the confidence to know they can get a job or go to college. The issues that they may be dealing might not be as big of a deal because they can run 13.1 miles. We have heard over and over from case managers that they notice something different on the days a participant trains for the marathon.

It is amazing to see the excitement on their faces as they cross the finish line and know that if they can complete this 13.1 race they can achieve other important things in their lives.

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