Exciting week coming up!

Today we completed an 11 mile training run and week thirteen of our program. It has been amazing to see how far these individuals have come since we started on July 8th. Many of them could not even run for the full five minutes in that first week. For others, they had no idea they were even going to train for a half marathon when the summer started. For example, we quickly organized a group in Placentia at the Solidarity Garnett site after some kids were interested in the program after attending a summer camp and hearing what we are doing.

This week before the race has some really exciting events on the horizon.

On of those events is when Up and Running Again will be given the opportunity as a charity partner to staff a booth at the Health and Fitness Expo in Long Beach. This will be a wonderful chance for us to share with 15,000 runners how they can get involved with our organization or possible share with us other groups that may be interested in starting a running club.

The Expo gives our runners a chance to experience another fun community event. They will complete their registration into the race by picking up their race bib. The race will become real and it will start to sink in all they have accomplished and how it can translate into additional life accomplishments.

The Expo also gives them a chance to see other races that are coming up and see what other kinds of medals they can earn. Once they gain the confidence to run one race the Expo shows them other races they can compete in. Of course it is always fun to try out all the free samples and check out all the cool running equipment.

What is your favorite race medal?

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