Lawyer, Film Editor, Animal Shelter Operator and More

2011-10-09 09.25.28

In Week 2, we have the participants share with us their dreams. We ask them to describe a dream from their past and to write down a current one. We received a wide range of goals and ideas. We had several individuals who indicated they wanted to go to college. Others wanted to travel the world or become a lawyer. We had individuals from the homeless shelters that would like to purchase there own home. Another runner described how he would like to become a chef. Several individuals had a goal of staying clean and sober for their families and also to shed a few pounds. Of course there is always a bunch of people that just want to become rich and famous.

The great thing about the Up and Running program is that it gives new runners an opportunity to remember what their dreams are and help put action items behind them. As a new runner, we encouraged them to take small steps towards a huge goal of running a half marathon. With persistent training these individuals will be able to achieve running a half marathon within 14 weeks.

If they can accomplish this goal, they can also make small steps toward a lifelong goal. So what are some goals that you have for your life? What is stopping you from achieving that goal? What are some steps you will take this week to get that goal moving forward again?

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