To get Sexy, Silky, Smooth

IMG_1657The runners at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission are in their 3rd week of training. Around 20 residents there head out at 6 in the morning, 4 days a week to build their endurance.  Even at that early hour, the temperature is anywhere from the mid 70’s to the 90’s.  Once the Saturday runs get longer, it is sure to be hotter.  They are a tough bunch though that took time to tell us what motivated them to train for a half marathon.

“When I first heard of this Up and Running, I was so thrilled.  Because in my recovery I want to take care of myself and my body.  Our bodies are a temple and in my addiction I was abusing my temple.  So now I want to do everything in my power and will to be healthy and happy.  It helps me stay serene and peaceful.  To stay motivated and keep going I just get up in the morning and go before I can talk myself down.  Also having a running recovery sister keeps me going with her motivation.  Before I was in recovery I could never show up or finish anything.  So now I am determined to do this to the best of my ability just for me.”– Cassie C.

“To get sexy, silky, smooth.  [I will] look in the mirror as a reminder.”– Zachary

“When I was out there doing drugs, abusing myself, hurting myself, my family I did not care for nobody else, including myself.  Now that I’m healthy and forgiven myself I want to do this half marathon before I reach 50 years old.  I always wanted to do this but now I’m able to do it.”– James C.

“I’ve never done this before.  I wanted to see if I could do it.  To do what I signed up for.  Finish what I started.”– James H.

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