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Our coach, Joanne Roberson has challenged the high school kids at the Nova chapter of Up and Running Again with a word of the week.  As an optional assignment, the participants are challenged to define or show the word in some way and turn it in.  Prizes have been given for the best ones.  They began their artistic endeavors on the second week of training.  For week 2, that word was “overcomer.”10302300_689986451054412_2150388185288266379_n  10291719_690944524291938_5919516199980947506_n








The third week Crystal Peng, Mercie and Marcella Ramirez won a prize for their depictions of the word “perseverance.”  By definition, “perseverance is the effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition.”  10425045_693125490740508_1035970465698614862_n

“Commitment” was the word for week 4.  The participants have worked especially hard to be committed this season.  From Nova Academy those that were 10 for 10 on attendance at the first ten training days were: Laura Diaz, Angelarose Gomez, Zachariah Gomez, Nancy Hernandez, Pablo Nunez, and Elisa Sanchez.  According to Coach Roberson, “To overcome, you must persevere, and that takes commitment!”10537442_696102207109503_7494460332345110966_n









And this week?  This week for week 5, the participants are focusing on “discipline.”  In order to have discipline, the acrostic below shows you must have: “order, training, instruction, control, strictness, practice, regulation, direction, routine, obedience.”

10525626_698667100186347_4337893428696361070_nDon’t you love how these high schoolers are using both their artistic and athletic sides of their brain?  And they are realizing that this whole thing is about more than just running!  Can’t you wait to find out what the word is for Week 6?


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