Barnabas Award Winners from LBRM


From left to right: Chris (Week 2), Keyna (Week 3), Diana (Week 4), Chris Carlos (Week 5)

The Long Beach Rescue Mission gives quite the presentation when they give out the Barnabas awards.  The Barnabas award is given to a runner each week who is an encouragement to the group.  We have found that there are many ways to encourage each other and each person brings something different to the team!  Here’s a recap:

Week 2-Feb 6: Chris “Pinky Promise” used a “pinky promise and stamp” to encourage URA alumnus Michelle to run with us Thursday morning. During the run Michelle and Chris led the pack while singing “10,000 Reasons”!

Week 3-Feb 13: Keyna makes sure everyone gets up and gets to the run. She also is the driver for the whole group! They wouldn’t get to the runs without Keyna.

Week 4-Feb 20: Diana aka “Grandma” encourages with prayer and a great example. She’s almost 70 and has COPD. Who says you are too old to start running?

Week 5- Feb 27: Chris is very proud of his Italian – Cuban family. He brings that same feeling to Up and Running Again. He plays the role of the big brother who loves his brothers and sisters, joking with them, teasing, motivating and making sure everybody stays safe during our runs.

From left: Fawn (Week 6), Sergio (Week 7), Jorge (Week 8)

From left: Fawn (Week 6), Sergio (Week 7), Jorge (Week 8)

Week 6-Mar 5: Fawn was awarded the Barnabas of the Week for stopping to put a smile on Robert’s face. Robert lives in the neighborhood on the streets. Diana and Keyna helped out too.

Week 7- Mar 12: Sergio is one of three Long Beach Rescue Mission URA runners who has a perfect 28 of 28 attendance. On Wednesday, Sergio had surgery on his right hand. Today he did the 5 mile run and picked up his shoes!

Week 8-Mar 19: Congrats to Jorge!  This week Jorge went to face the judge in court to clear up a matter. Jorge went on his own. That’s what I call leadership by example.

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