Congratulations to the San Diego Rescue Mission Team

At the finish line with volunteers from The Rock church

At the finish line with volunteers from The Rock church

Runners from the San Diego Rescue Mission finished their first half marathon on December 27th finishing the San Diego Holiday Half Marathon. This was the first time the mission has participated in Up And Running Again’s 14 week training program and the results of these runners are amazing! All of the runners finished the half marathon and four of them finished in under two hours. One of these runners finished in the amazing time of 1:27:13! That’s a 6:39 minute mile pace!

Overall the first session of the Up And Running Again program at the San Diego Rescue Mission was a resounding success. San Diego Rescue Mission’s Mens Program Director James Pope stated, “I’m so proud of these men and what they accomplished. I had no idea how successful this program would be and how fast they would run! We’re looking forward to starting the next session and continuing to partner with Up And Running Again.”

Please prayerfully consider supporting Up And Running Again as we work to change the lives of others. Up And Running Again gives rescue mission residents new hope as they set a goal and work hard to accomplish something they thought was impossible. In the words of Martell who ran maybe the fastest Up And Running Again half marathon time, “Thank you! I never would have done this without the support of Up And Running Again. I want to keep running. I feel like I have another tool in my tool box, that I can set a goal and achieve that goal”

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