Last week on Thanksgiving morning over 150 people hit up the Fullerton trail to run to Laguna Lake and back as part of FullerTrot! This running event, a couple years in the running, was organized by Eric and Leah Monson.  Each year they have planned a different charity to fundraise for.  This year they asked for all donations to go directly to Up and Running Again.  URA seemed to be a natural fit for FullerTrot since the Monson family business, States Logistics, had been donating Clif, Gu and other nutritional products that their warehouse holds to the runners all year.

It was wonderful to see families with grandmas, grandpas, little kids running and biking, and spouses. At least one running group, Brea Runners, joined us for their annual Thanksgiving run. We had every form of transportation on that trail: running, walking, biking, horseback riding, pushing strollers, and even a wheelchair!

IMG_5036 IMG_5045

Family love!

Family love!

Up and Running Again had a booth to give info, sell t-shirts, and show off our organization.  The Monsons (and their friends) provided a water station part way on the run, and amazing post run snacks.  They had the general after run goodies of bananas and Clif bars, but they even had fun stuff that kiddos would like: gummy bears, Mentos, and gum.  And they generously implored people to grab a paper sack and take some home with them!


FullerTrot was a hug success.  From individual donations alone, we raised $2,737.  On top of that, States Logistics, gave a $5,000 donation.  Thanks for all of your support and spreading the word!

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