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As this next season begins for Up and Running Again, we begin a time of transition.  Our program coordinator, Katie Sikkelee, moved to Colorado, after recently becoming engaged.   She is currently working as a concierge at Ritz Carleton in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  We wish her blessings as she looks forward to her wedding next month and an exciting future.  Thank you Katie for all your hard work and love that you gave to the Up and Running Again program.

I’d like to introduce myself as the new Program Coordinator for Up and Running Again.  My name is Brittany Watrous.  I’m a wife and mother of 3 children.  I’m also a runner and an athlete and love to honor God through the use of my body.  For some time I’ve wanted a way to share with others and encourage others with running, as I know how it has impacted my life.  I found Up and Running Again and loved the organization.  I’ve been a volunteer for a couple years and have been impacted by watching the expressions of joy on the runner’s faces as they “run the furthest they’ve ever run” each week of the training program.  My spirits have also been lifted as I’ve watched all the runners that finished a run, stand by the course and whoop and holler at the few runners still out there.  What an encouragement these people give to each other as they work towards a goal as a team.  This group is not only training for a race, but encouraging each other in life.   The life transformations from losing large amounts of weight, to gaining a joy in life, have been remarkable.

I’m excited to take on the new role as Program Coordinator and try to give back and grow this exciting program.  I look forward to a great season ahead and meeting each of you.  My sense of adventure can’t wait to see how I as a person, and the organization as a whole can grow in the future.  What stories will we be able to tell by the season’s end?  Please let me know of any ways I can assist you.  And I would LOVE to hear what is inspiring you and hear YOUR stories.  Please feel free to email me at any time at


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