Northwest Program Coordinator, Brian Witt

New Program Coordinator, Brian, loves to drink coffee.

New Program Coordinator, Brian, loves to drink coffee.

Earlier this week we revealed that URA has two new program coordinators.  Here is an introduction to one of them.  Brian Witt is the program coordinator for the Northwest.  Here is a bit about him.

Tell us about yourself: I was raised in Brea by wonderful Christian parents. I accepted Christ as my Savior in kindergarten because I didn’t want to go to hell! It was in 7th grade that I began to realize what it meant to put Christ first in my life, and that’s when I re-dedicated my life to Him. To quote Dallas Williard, I find myself wanting “……… be with Jesus, learning to be like Him…..” I’m very thankful for His patience!

Susan (my bride of 32 years) and I have been living in Placentia since 2009. I recently retired from Nissan North America after 33 years. With Nissan, we lived in Virginia, New Jersey and Tennessee. It’s good to be back in California!! I grew up playing Little League Baseball, but golf was my true passion (my dad started me playing in my late elementary years). I played golf for Brea-Olinda High School. Ironically, I’m not a runner; but I’m becoming more and more tempted to give it a go.

My involvement at EV Free over the years has been Deacon, Trustee and Elder Boards; Adult Fellowship Class President, and involved with the Inter-Faith Shelter Program. My wife and I both enjoy being with seniors (old people); and I’m currently assisting our Senior Adult Pastor in resurrecting the church’s VIPS program (Volunteers in Pastoral Service) where we train and coordinate volunteers in visiting the elderly shut-ins/ hospital patients / assisted living. I’m also working with Amazing Grace Ministries who “bring church” to many rest homes in the North OC area. We have two adult daughters (Hannah 25, Hunter 22); both graduates of Biola University…………….I’m broke!!

How did you get involved with URA:
After retiring from Nissan, it was always my hope to get involved with a
non-profit. I would say my top 2 choices would’ve been involving myself
with the elderly and/or homeless. Our church chairman (Bob Patterson and
his wife Sharon) introduced me to Steve Tierney and his Up and Running
Again Organization, and “away we go”!!! I’m thrilled to be a part of this
wonderful ministry!

What you are most excited for in working with URA:
I’m most excited to see the Lord change lives through this program! It’s
the Holy Spirit who opens up the heart of the lost, but as His
ambassadors, we can sow the seeds! The URA program is a great tool to
show these folks the love of God!!

What part of the URA program or participants have impacted you most in the
In general, the wonderful URA website of stories, and especially the story
of how God directed Steve’s heart from the beginning, has been very
impactful on me.

What is something interesting that is going on in your life this year
(already happened or is going to happen)?
EARLY RETIREMENT is the on-going / interesting thing going on for my wife
and I. It’s very odd not working at a full-time job. I have to admit I’m
having a blast ushering at the Angel games!! I love being with people,
and you get all kinds at Anaheim Stadium!!

Brian is checking off a bucket list item by ushering for Angels baseball games.

Brian is checking off a bucket list item by ushering for Angels baseball games.

One thought on “Northwest Program Coordinator, Brian Witt

  1. Brian!

    This is your old industry buddy, Dan Barson. I am back at AIADA helping Cody and team during these somewhat uncertain times here in D.C.

    If you get a chance, drop me a line, would love to get caught up.

    Dan Barson

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