Up and Growing Again

IMG_6915In May, Up and Running Again promoted our program at a space at the Association of Gospel Rescue Mission’s annual conference in Seattle.  We enjoyed talking with various staff from all departments of rescue missions across the country, and outside of the country (Canada and Barbados).  It was exciting to us when we heard from some that we had one of the most talked about booths.  In the space of those 3 days, we gathered 48 different business cards from interested rescue missions.  IMG_6991

We are excited to expand our program into some other areas and states to reach new groups of people to share the love of Christ and help them set goals for the future, lead healthier lifestyles, and conquer something big in their lives.  At this point we are still gauging interest and developing the relationships with different missions as we evaluate where to grow.

As part of our expansion, we have added two new program coordinators.  The current program coordinator, Brittany Watrous, will continue covering the Orange County groups, Las Vegas, and Sacramento areas.  From this point, we have a new coordinator covering the Northwest and some California groups and another program coordinator for other potential groups that start across the country.  Look to future blog posts revealing the new coordinators!

We are so excited to see how God leads in this process.  We are also excited to see how He provides financially.  There is a certain element of trusting God to provide as we grow, such as the time Steve received a check in the mail from a donor, right at the time that he was prepared to spend his personal finances to buy new running shoes for a team.  However, we also want to be responsible and not grow outside of our finances.  Are YOU able to be part of the growth story in our organization?

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