Nothing like a new pair of shoes

20130901-133117.jpg Week six and the runners are eligible for new shoes! As a part of our program, we will provide each runner that completes six weeks of training a new pair of shoes. It is our commitment to them for completing 20 training runs It is important now that they are running miles and not just minutes to have the proper footwear.

Besides the race, this is has such a large impact on our runners. For many of them, they have never had the opportunity to pick out their own pair of shoes. You should see the smiles on their faces. They get a chance to try on several pairs of shoes and select the pair that fits them the best. The sales associates will examine how they run and make modifications to the type of shoes to select.


The thing we constantly need to remind our runners is that it isn’t how the shoes look but how they feel. You need to select the shoes that are going to feel good at mile 11 when you feet and legs hurt and not the shoes that look good at the starting line.

All of the runners are so appreciative of their shoes. They are amazed at this free gift we have given them. Up and Running Again is so thankful for your support and how you have provided us with the funds to buy these shoes for our runners. We also want to thank A Snails Pace for giving us a discount on the running shoes.

Just like each pair of running shoes is unique so are each of our runners. They are such amazing people to get to know, love on and train. God has blessed us in more in allowing us to work with them. We invite you to continue to partner with us by training with our runners, providing snacks, shoes and of course your hard earned finances. Please let us know if we can answer any questions.


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