Six miles, no sweat, well actually lots of it.


Great time this morning, but boy was it hot. We started running at 6:35 am from Hart Park for our six mile run. Once again it was really amazing to see all six groups and nearly 100 runners out training. This summer we have also started proving our runners with some nutrition training. We love the chance to not only help them get in shape but also educate them on eating healthy.

We have seen a record number of individuals lose weight through the training. At least three individuals have lost 20 lbs since they started running.

We have seen some minor injuries start to happen, however it was great to hear many of our runners say that they are not going to give up. They are going to finish the job.

We also had a fun situation where a runner from one group actually knew another runner from another organization.

All the runners are showing their dedication and complete focus on completing the goal.

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