Priceless moment (and picture) at Kidworks

2012-08-13 07.01.01

This morning was a great morning at Kidworks.

After our 6am run, I noticed one of the girls was running in some beat up basketball shoes. As many of you might know, my truck usually contains 1-2 pairs of running shoes. Every few days a person will join me for coffee, lunch or swing by my office to drop off some used running shoes. This morning was no different. I asked the young woman her name and what size of shoes she was wearing. She indicated that her shoes size is 8.5. I proceeded over to my truck and saw that I had two pairs of shoes. The first pair was a 7.5, no good. I then did a quick prayer and thought how great it would be if the second pair wrapped in the plastic bag were a size 8.5. Now that would be a story to tell people. I honestly could not tell you where I received these shoes. I guess it does not matter, it could be one of the hundred used pairs that so many of you have donated over the past several years.

I untied the bag and saw some very cool shoes with pink highlights. I then bent back the tongue of the shoe and sure enough, size 8.5!

Our young 10 year old runner quickly untied here shoes and tried the new ones one. After getting on the second shoes, I saw a huge grin proceed across her face when I asked if they fit. I checked the size and sure enough they fit like a glove.

Thank you all who have donated shoes, cash or other supplies for our running groups. You are making a difference many people’s lives. Through activities like running we are giving kids and adults the chance to try something they never thought possible. Through the donation of a pair of used shoes a young girl’s life was impacted in a positive way. We do not know where this will take her going forward.

I would continue to encourage you all to use your passion to impact individuals in your community. We are all given gifts from God that we can use to help others. Please feel free to contact me if I can be a resource to you in this area.

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