Family Edition Volume I: Twins Stick Together

Mercy and Marcella Ramirez

Mercy and Marcella Ramirez

Marcella and Mercy Ramirez have learned that running and training together is so much better than going it alone.  Marcella began running with the Nova Academy chapter of Up and Running Again.  At first Marcella felt she wasn’t good enough, but that was soon to change.  As she ran with the group, she not only lost weight, but she realized how it was a life change she wanted to make.  At her race, her twin sister, Mercy cheered her on.  In encouraging her sister to finish the race, Mercy promised she would do it with her the next time.  That was all it took to motivate Marcella to finish her first half marathon.  And the next time, she took Mercy up on her offer!

Running together in the same family uniquely allows them to motivate each other and hold each other accountable.  Marcella said, “Mercy is my alarm clock.  She gets me going in the morning.  I told her to always wake me up to go, even if I say I don’t want to.”

The Ramirez family has seen running change their family.  At first, the twins’ mother didn’t think they would be able to do the half marathon.  The whole family was amazed with their determination and accomplishment.  Marcella said that their family is not athletic, so this was a really big deal and big change.  They have extended family that is already runners.  In fact, they were able to see a cousin at the Long Beach Half Marathon that they hadn’t seen in a very long time.  Now their family will join to create a running family legacy.

Both twins emphatically said that their coach at Nova/URA, Ms. Robison encouraged them a lot.  She helped keep them going when they didn’t think they could.  And having family involved helped them to motivate each other.  Now they are both back with the program as leaders- helping and encouraging a new group!





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