Family Edition Volume II: Healthy Changes


IMG_2667Celia Gonzalez is in 11th grade at Nova Academy.  She’s also training for a half marathon with Up and Running Again.  She has been able to convince her family to join her through her positive outlook and experience.  Now her mother, Patricia, and two younger sisters join her Saturday mornings for the run.  Celia has said that they have been able to push each other as a family.  Her mother makes it such a priority that she gets her two young kids out of bed for a 6am run on Saturday, running with a jogging stroller.

Besides the obvious advantage of exercise impacting her family, Celia said running has infiltrated other areas of their family life.  They now eat more healthy meals and her mom has changed some of her cooking.  The family has found that now they have a common bond through running that is bringing them closer together.  Who knows how this will impact the youngest members of the Gonzalez family down the road!

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