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In the last two weeks the participants of Up and Running Again have received new running shoes after their hard work and dedication to consistently coming to the training runs.  It has been the policy of Up and Running Again to provide new running shoes when the participants complete 20 training runs, generally around Week 7 when the runners begin to log further distance.

Running is a wonderful sport because it requires very little equipment.  However, runners know that a pair of running shoes is the most important equipment they own.  Good running shoes should fit well, provide cushioning (that hasn’t broken down with lots of wear), and provide the foot with support.  Lots of miles logged on poor shoes (whether old running shoes or street shoes), can lead runners to incur injuries.  Every 300-500 miles running shoes should be replaced, yet many of these runners have been running with just Vans, street shoes, or donated previously worn running shoes.  Beyond the excitement, these new running shoes will literally allow the participants to log lots of miles leading up to the race with a greatly diminished chance of injury.

Normally it is through individual donations that we are funded to purchase these new shoes, however this year we received an extra blessing.  Through a grant with the Good News Foundation, Skechers donated a large quantity of running shoes to our program.  This generosity is allowing us to use the funds donated through individual donors in other areas of our program.

For the first time all runners will run with the same shoe (women with a silver and blue shoe and men with a black shoe).  This adds a fun cohesiveness to the group; adding a sense of belonging among the participants.  How fun will it be to spot these shoes out on the race course!


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